Women Empowerment in Agricultural Cooperatives

Ensuring that women farmers take an active part in sustainable production and helping them benefit from the advantages of e-commerce.

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SILIVRI MunIcıpalıty


Project Result 1
Innovative Methodology for Agricultural Cooperatives Training

This project resulted in a 143-page module. Staff training in the field of agricultural cooperatives received a methodology to improve themselves. In line with the identified needs and issues, a training on Innovative Methodology for Agricultural Cooperatives was developed for adult educators. Through this output, adult educators will develop themselves and women farmers with innovative methodology and ensure sustainability in agricultural cooperatives.

Project Result 2
Training Module for Women Farmers

This training module resulted in 91 pages of content. Adapting to digitalization and innovations. To ensure success by minimizing potential problems with effective communication within the cooperative. More importantly, to have sufficient knowledge about cooperatives.

In line with these reasons, the Training Module for Women Farmers was developed to support women farmers in the right way, with a teaching material for adult educators.

Target Groups: Women farmers who want to develop themselves in the field of cooperatives. The target group can also include relevant institutions providing training in agricultural cooperatives.


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